Looking for a new maintainer for this Discord Bot!

Currently unsupported due to time demands. Happy to give this a good home with someone who wants it.

AGE Roleplaying Game Dice Bot

Discord Bot

The AGE RPG Dice Bot is a simple bot that rolls 3d6 + modifier, tracks which die is the Dragon die, and gives you an alert if you rolled doubles.

Good for all of Green Ronin's Adventure Game Engine (AGE) tabletop RPGs: Fantasy Age, Modern Age, Blue Rose, Dragon Age RPG, Titansgrave, and The Expanse RPG.

This bot requires the Read Messages and Write Messages server permissions.

To use the bot, type !age +[number], for example, !age +4

Made with ❤️ by Amazing Rando

— Errors are no longer thrown when other bots use the same prefix (!).

( Made with Carrd )